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Narrative and Game Play in Age of Mythology...

In Age of Mythology, gamers lead the drift of a civilization(in this project, the Greek civilization) through the centuries and travel in time, understanding issues that would not conceive through raw studying. Advancing in the game depends on the amount of food and strength the players collect, as well as whether they build temples and form army. The objective is for players to learn about specific mythological creatures, heroes and learn about how the Greeks used to live on a daily basis, how the buildings looked like as well as the army and its parts.They manage their civilization's population of farmers, trying to collect enough food, wood and gold to make their civilization stronger and evolve it through the four levels of the game:

  • Archaic Age
  • Classical Age
  • Heroic Age
  • Mythical Age

Players also manage their army - which becomes available after they collect enough raw materials to afford it - and try to build fortresses, reinforce the cavalry and archers. They must be quick enough to develop a strong civilization in order to defend when the enemy attacks. Enemies are other civilizations that are either sent by the game, or by the competing players. While they develop strategies to defeat the enemies, players earn powers by the gods they choose. Overall, players must develop their strategies to lead their civilization to the last level and defeat their enemies. The game ends when players go through the fourth level, or if the enemy defeats their army.

The leson plan:

The lesson’s general aim was that students would learn about the heroes and mythical creatures in ancient Greece, the types of architecture, the military structures, and cultural habits related to religion, surviving, and daily life. Three main tasks constituted the whole lesson:

  • First task:
    • build houses, multiply the population
    • build a temple
    • have enough supplies to move to the next age in the game
  • Second task:
    • build armory and buildings to extract soldiers
    • build walls for protection and take mythical creatures offered by the Gods
  • Third task:
    • spread the population and reach to the fourth age
    • attack to potential enemies and win the game

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