Maria Solomou

"Only through education can equality of opportunity be anything more than a phase." ~John Dewey



Fire textures

fire texture


Glass walls

glass walls


Bright colors



Mushroom houses

mushroom house

Creativity and Collaboration...

The aesthetic difference between the two architects' world were obvious. In Peter's world, Questers's buildigns follow a conservative structure and are mainly square-shaped. They mainly have earthy tones with bricks and present a generally more unified vision for the building. In Howard's world the buildings had very colorful interior and exterior designs, materials like class and decorative objects like trees, fountains, and flowes.

The two different communities demonstrate how different systems of creatiity can emerge based on the culture and the local values. Such values can be embedded in the culture of a community and deeply change the domain. Domains are specific to a community and many variations of what one might initially think of as a single domain of 3D architectural building can be made up of several variations of this domain with separate fields and individuals contributing to them. There were several instances where creative ideas emerged through collaboration and were fostered by the community. Creative ideas were those that were adopted in the 3D space and were appropriated within Questers’ online chat and building practices.

The field had identified several ideas that were spreaded out as creative. Fire textures, mushroom houses, glass walls, bright colors/aesthetics, and animated objects are some example of such spreadable ideas that were appropriated by other Questers. Creativity is a cultural endeavor, shaped and persisted through the actions and values of many people. The Architecture Unit shows how two sub-communities within an online population formed around opposing cultural values and, in turn, contributed to the online environment through virtual architecture that was consistent with their communal philosophies.

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