Maria Solomou

"Education is that process by which thought is opened out of the soul, and, associated with outward things, is reflected back upon itself, and thus made conscious of their reality and shape." ~Bronson Alcott







P251: Educational Psychology for Elementary Majors

Fall 2009 (Online), Spring 2010 (Online) Fall 2010 (Face-to-face, Blended), Indiana University, Bloomington

This sixteen-week class was taught through the University's online platform, through a 3D computer game, as well as face-to-face. Pre-service teachers were taught about brain and cognitive development, learning theories, theories of motivation, assessment, as well as classroom management. The emphasis was on the effective application of content in practice. Part of this class was a 20-hour field experience, where pre-service teachers had the opportunity to observe, apply and reflect on the theories covered. They were required to complete several assignments, among which an OP/ED article, a formal paper, create a presentation about motivational practices, design an assessment tool, etc.

P254: Educational Psychology for All Majors

Fall 2009 (Online), Spring 2010 (Online), Indiana University, Bloomington

A sixteen-week class where multiple majors were taught about theories of learning and applications in educational contexts. Pre-service teachers majoring in arts, music, physical education, languages, and dietetics completed 20 hours of school field experience, where they applied and practiced their major knowledge in combination to learning theories and classroom management. The course was taught online through the University's online platform, as well as through a 3D computer game.